The Idea is to take the most vibrant and colorful decade and give it the look of a white greek statue, preserving the time period these are the works of cody hamilton, nicely executed I must add -O

I’ve been frequenting the gym for the past two months now and  have always used the elliptical. I recently switched from using the elliptical to running on the treadmill. During this transition, I learned that I sweat A LOT while running! Lucky for me, Nike has dri-fit clothing that keeps me dry and looking good during my work out. Visit Nike for a more exclusive look of the collection.   -E

These are some pretty cool pieces I found from an unknown artist, whom came across while browsing the internet. taking your everyday items and turning them  into art, Dope – O

On a hunt for new dress ideas, I ran into these beautiful spring dresses designed by Antonio Berardi. I love the fact that he didn’t stick to one  color scheme for the entire collection. I also love the design patterns he chose to go with.   -E

These are some must haves, artist Mike Ming has hand painted, signed and numbered each of these limited edition  Ray Ban wayfarer exclusively for sunglass hut. Only 100 made so you better grab them up now before they are all gone -O

“Start and stop the flow of water with a touch of your wrist, forearm, or elbow. The handle stays clean when your hands aren’t.”  Leave it to Delta to create a faucet that is practical and makes our lives a lot easier. Check their site out to see how it works and to check other models out.   -E

O and I would like to take this time to thank everyone for showing us love this year and for visiting the site. We really appreciate it and hope you have a safe New Years Eve. Please drink responsibly and see you in the new year.   -E

I’m sure you have all heard of and seen Beats by Dr. Dre but have you seen the new Fanny Wang Headphones? They are very similar to the Beats in design but what I like about these is that they have a DuoJack inline splitter built into every pair , this allows u to easily share your music. They start off at $149 and can be ordered here. -E

P.S. Fanny Wang is currently being sued by Beats by Dr. Dre for patent and trade dress infringement.

I don’t know about you but I cannot stand in heels all day. If you’re anything like me, you would appreciate these cute Love Ballerinas shoes by Yves Saint Laurent. They came out earlier this month and run for $485.   -E

The VW golf and polo just got a new splash of added style. The car maker released the special editions with a new face behind it Mr Karl Largerfeld, this is sure to boost sales. – O